Thursday, September 30, 2010

Author, author......

At St. Mike's our faculty are teachers first and foremost. This is why we came here - to work closely with students, help them learn, and help guide them toward their futures. In addition to our teaching, however, we also contribute to our academic disciplines, largely through research and writing. This helps keep us connected to our peers and to progress in our disciplines.

For example, over the last several years Professor Donna Bozzone, who teaches courses in General Biology, Cell Biology, and Developmental Biology, has been active in writing and editing a series of books on the Biology of Cancer for Chelsea House Publishers. Donna has written three books herself (Cancer Genetics, Leukemia, and Causes of Cancer) and has served as editer for 6 other books. Donna is also now working on a General Biology textbook with departmental colleague Doug Green.

Other faculty have also contributed to books in their specific subdisciplines of Biology, as well as research journal publications, some of which include our students as coauthors. Our faculty and students are an active group - both in and out of the classroom

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